Hero Dog Awards - Samson (Sammy)

Samson (Sammy)

Reno, Nevada

Sammy is love unconditional love. He knows what another needs affection, space but never far away, a nudge or just full on love. He’s a 100lb big brother to Rocky of 12lbs and allows Rocky to jump on him pull his jowles and ears. Sammy is a lover on kids, people and dogs. The example of unconditional love. Bring on the crisis team with Paws 4 Love local Therapy Dog ready for duty to a suicide in the school, yo fires or supporting our 911 center and our hospital workers during pandemic and nursing home during pandemic out side windows to our National guard who stepped in during these times. He’s an all around good fella which will make you Smile Turing frowns into smiles that what he does. Just Love