Hero Dog Awards - Pepper


Arlington, Virginia

Pepper deserves the American Hero Dog award based on her extensive volunteer work in the District of Columbia metropolitan area. She provides emotional comfort and support to people experiencing significant grief, trauma, stress, isolation, sadness and depression. Just recently, she was invited to a Maryland high school, which was the scene of a student shooting. Pepper gave lots of unconditional love and affection to the grief-stricken students and staff, who deeply appreciated her visit. This past summer and fall, Pepper made many trips to the U.S. Department of State to hang out with the Afghan Task Force and other State Department employees. Pepper can usually be found in the District of Columbia courthouse, sitting with victims of crime on the witness stand during a trial as they have to relive their trauma or roaming the hallways offering her services to anyone in need. She also assists the local police department at community and school events. In her spare time, she visits hospitals as well as facilities for the elderly and the developmentally disabled. After the January 6th insurrection, Pepper made several trips to the U.S. Capitol to offer support to the officers and staff.