Hero Dog Awards - Oreo


Denville, New Jersey

Oreo, a bully mix, was born deaf & at 1, found his forever family. He has been trained in sign language & knows well over 25 signs. His mission is to show the world that being deaf or having a disability shouldn’t slow you down. He is also an ambassador for bully breeds, showing that no matter the breed, you can do great things.
Oreo has been a therapy dog with Creature Comfort Pet Therapy since 2017 & has done 100’s of visits to schools, hospitals, nursing homes & libraries. During the pandemic, Oreo made the change from in person visits to virtual visits. He transitioned to virtually working with students doing therapy as well as Read to a Dog programs. Oreo also participated in a Pets & the Pandemic online gallery with Kara Mergl Photography. His gallery focused on his changing role from in-person healer to the world of remote visits. He has a true calling with his work. Now that in person visits are back, he is again back in his vest.
One touching story is when he met a deaf woman. When she found out he too was deaf, she had a big smile and tears in her eyes. They spent time together “talking” & at the end of the visit, she signed I Love You. His tail started wagging faster and he kissed her hand. It was a touching moment & one of many he has had over the years.
Oreo deserves the title of American Hero Dog because he is truly a hero to those whose lives he touches. He continues to bring joy, smiles, & healing to everyone he meets.