Hero Dog Awards - Linus


Brick, New Jersey

Not only is Linus our family pet but he is a hard working and dedicated therapy dog. The minute we take his therapy vest out, he gets so excited. Meeting new people, going to events and being the center of attention are some of his favorite things.
His busy schedule includes, but are not limited to, monthly visits to local assistance livings facilities, rehab centers, children’s library reading groups, college de~stress events and health fairs. He greets everyone he comes in contact with, plays fetch and does all his tricks~ multiple times.
Linus is a member of the Ocean County, NJ Canine Caregivers group. This local group puts Linus in touch with seniors who love dogs and it allows him to visit them in their homes. Some of his visits are to dog lovers who, due to age/health reasons, can no longer take care of their own dogs. So Linus will come to spend time with them. Sometimes he will lay on the couch with them, other times he will play fetch. It’s so rewarding for everyone to see the pure joy that Linus brings to everyone he meets.
Thank you for reading about Linus and voting for him in the Hero Dog Awards.