Hero Dog Awards - Hugo


Cape Coral, Florida

Hugo was a terribly behaved puppy, (no manners , my fault ) but well socialized. When he was almost 4 we decided we needed to be a therapy dog team. We found a great trainer and spent 3 years training both he and mostly I. Hugo accomplished k9 good citizen,urban dog, community dog and tricks novice titles.
We have also since accomplished Therapy Dog title with our work in the community. We visit various places and events as needed, kids and adults . We visit hospice regularly where Hugo has become a very beloved visitor by staff, patients and the families. Hugo is my one of a kind big goofy love ( see photo ). Hugo lights up when he is working. That goofy smile and personality of his is very contagious especially when he wears outfits and shoes… We will remain a therapy dog team until Hugo decides when he is ready to retire. The joy Hugo brings to the people he visits is worth more than words will ever describe.. I think Hugo deserves this award because of how much he has accomplished and how much love and joy he spreads to others.