Hero Dog Awards - Eros


Selden, New York

Eros became certified as a therapy dog in June of 2021 at the age of 17 months old. We started volunteering in July of 2021 at 2 hospitals on Sundays. While most therapy dog teams volunteer for an hour or two, Eros is able to volunteer for 6 hours because he just loves everyone and spending time with them. We were the only therapy dog team willing to volunteer as most teams were still afraid to volunteer due to Covid 19. We also attend group visits with our chapter from Love on a Leash. Although Eros started volunteering at a young age he became an amazing therapy dog and brings so much love and laughter to everyone he meets. One of the hospitals we visit at is a behavioral health hospital and Eros has taught himself how to help patients when they are having a meltdown and will stay by them and give them as much love and comfort until they feel better and the meltdown stops. We were about to start volunteering at a 3rd hospital, but due to Covid 19 cases elevating all volunteering has been put on hold. Both Eros and I can’t wait to get back to volunteering as a therapy dog team. Seeing how much joy my boys bring to everyone who truly needs him is the most wonderful things I can ever do with my boy.