Hero Dog Awards - Bubba


Alexandria, Minnesota

Bubba was a rescue dog and I adopted him nearly 12 years ago. Bubba suffered neglect by his previous owner and my intention was to help rehabilitate him and provide him with a loving and stable home. Over time he showed me he had other plans then being loved by humans but that he also wanted to give his love and affection to others. He trained to become a therapy dog and worked alongside me in my mental health practice since 2017. Bubba has helped so many people in my mental health practice and people he meets along the road. He smiles to greet others when seeing them and he has a special ability to help people attune to their emotions and help them feel loved. Two years ago Bubba suffered a major injury rupturing his ACL but still pushed through the healing and came back to work once he was ready. Bubba retired last year at the age of 13 but still touches people’s lives every day on his walks and socializing activities. There is so much more I can say about how this dog has pushed through adversity and helped heal others in the process. He is an American Hero Dog to so many people and deserves to be recognized in this capacity for all he has done to help humanity.