Hero Dog Awards - Brody


Canton, Ohio

This beautiful, loving dog named Brody was put on this earth to be my personal therapy dog and a loving support to anyone who needs his smiling face and wagging tail to bring a heartwarming smile to their face. Brody loves everyone and will happily sit in front of them and share his love. We visit at Summa Hospital and many schools and colleges. Anywhere he is needed he goes happily to remove the sadness that might be inside the person he is visiting’s heart. He will personally hand out his business card so no one will forget him. He also gives hugs to anyone who doesn’t care if he shares a few Golden strands on their clothes. He always leaves them smiling and a warmth in their heart.
Brody is also part of The Morris Foundation’s Golden Retriever Lifetime Study to help find a cure for cancer that takes away too early so many of our fur children. He is Hero #2219. So, as you can see he is already My Hero.