Hero Dog Awards - Winter


Washington Island, Wisconsin

Winter is a blind rescue dog that weighed 24 pounds, was heartworm positive, and almost bald from flea dermatitis when we rescued him. Winter had been kept chained up outside and never been taken to a vet. He is completely blind from a untreated eye infection that we can only assume is from scratching at fleas. Even with being let down by humans before, Winter is the most loving, happy dog. Winter has been my constant companion while I was going through breast cancer treatment, he never left my side. When I was feeling down or in pain, he would do his best to comfort me. His love and infectious happiness helped and comforted during my year long battle. When I felt like giving up everything he went through before we rescued each other inspired me to keep positive and fight. I love Winter with all my heart and will keep fighting because of that. We both didn’t know when Winter came to me that he would become my cancer therapy dog,