Hero Dog Awards - Tyson


East Providence, Rhode Island

My Dog Tyson Seach and Rescue’s Dogs We Volunteer our Times Seaching for Missing Dogs.We Recently Heard Of A Attorney Resmini From Providence R.I. Dog an Italian Greyhound Puppy Named Olive that Went Missing on July 14th 2021 in Barrington R.I.and was Missing for 2 Days Hiding in the Woods ..We Recived a Tip That She Was In The Woods in Police Cove in Barrington R.I. We Immediately Starting Seaching for Olive By Entering the Woods Thick Brush ..We Entered the Woods And Immediately Tysin Picked Up Her Scent And Alerted HE had Found Olive..They Locked Eyes and I Started Talking Softly and Got Down Low Feeding Treat and was able to Get A Lead Over Her Head. Returning Her To Her Owner Who Was Extremely Grateful..Tyson Was interviewed by Channel 10 News And Was in R.I. Wave Magazine & The R.I. Wave Magazine & Recived an Award for Bravery & Skill From Our Mayor of East Providence R.I. ..