Hero Dog Awards - Twizzy


Dearborn, Michigan

Twizzy’s Mom was given to us at a winter event where we were passing out food & straw; she had never lived indoors. Her Mom gave birth & 1 day later took in an orphan puppy with her litter (after this pup lost her Mom & 11 siblings); we thought this was the story. But, this story was just getting started – an orphan puppy, a cleft lip & palate puppy & a mega esophagus with persistent right aortic arch puppy (Twizzy) – all from 1 Mom. Twizzy fought for her life as a puppy – unknown constant sickness, several vets told me to put her down. Until I found 1 to perform her open heart surgery at 12 weeks old on a puppy with mega esophagus; I was told she’d likely not survive. I documented her journey & was honest about her daily struggles & prognosis. So many connected to her story. She’s now 14 months & is a daily lesson to so many to advocate, fight & keep moving forward. The surgery center has worked on several other mega e pups bc of Twizzy & her story has saved 2 other puppies from other local rescues who had similar symptoms bc her story was shared everywhere. She eats a liquid diet standing up 3x a day, cannot drink water or eat any solids. She’s the sweetest pup & reminds all of us daily to live in the moment. I don’t know how much time we have with her – mega esophagus is complicated – but we value everyday.