Hero Dog Awards - Turbo


Guyton, Georgia

We had always wanted a dog, but we never had the space for one until we purchased a home in May 2020. The home had a huge fenced in back yard and a dog door with access.
We adopted Turbo from Castaway’s Rescue on June 12, 2020. Turbo is collie-mix who rarely barks unless he sees a cat or stranger approaching the house.

On Saturday June 26, 2021, my son, Turbo, and I were sleeping in the Master Bedroom with the door shut. Turbo started barking very loudly around 7:30 AM, I assumed it was a cat in the backyard so I told Turbo to keep quiet and went back to sleep, Turbo wouldn’t stop barking for another 15 minutes so I got up to open the bedroom door and that is when I could see that a fire had started on the front porch and had already engulfed the spare bedroom.

The fire was spreading fast, so we rushed out of the house and by the time we got out it was not safe to reenter. Once we got out, we couldn’t find Turbo and we assumed he ran away from the house, so we sent neighbors to looks for him. About 30 minutes later the firemen arrived and started to spray the house. Moments later, Turbo came running out the front door.

After the fire was out, they explained to me that since Turbo hadn’t been located, they sprayed under the beds first and Turbo was hiding under my son’s bed. I assumed Turbo would run away but the Chief explained that dogs will go to safe spot in the house during a fire and not run away. We rescued Turbo and then he rescued us!