Hero Dog Awards - Toby


Las Vegas, Nevada

In February of 2019 I lost my ol’ man Joey to old age at 19 years old. He was my everything for 17 years. He showed my little Chihuahua girl Patsy how to be nice to people and other animals. Once he passed away it left our home and hearts empty.
Working at Nevada SPCA I am around animals all the time. I was not sure if we were ready for another dog, and this new dog would have to be a pup Patsy loved. One day a tiny little Chihuahua named Lupin arrived at the shelter with his whole little family. Lupin was this underweight merle colored little man with a blue and brown eye. He was quietly sitting in his kennel looking sad and lonely. Lupin was abandoned by his owners and a kind Samaritan had been taking care of them until he couldn’t. I spent some time with him at the shelter and really liked his gentle demeaner. I decided to take him home for a night to see if Patsy might like him as much as I started to.
The moment I brought him home Patsy became her chipper self again. She LOVED him. They play bowed and were instant friends. That was it. We had found our new dog and we never looked back. He brightens both our lives every single day. Patsy is in love with him, and he is pretty darn cute for me to look at. He keeps me warm at night under the covers in bed, and while I’m at work Patsy is not lonely. His name is now Toby and he has brought so much joy back into our lives. He truly is a blessing. Love has no bounds by way of a tiny little boy named Toby: Ambassador of Love!