Hero Dog Awards - Teddy


White Rock, New Mexico

I have a little Chiweenie named Teddy. He was a gift from a family member so I don’t know which category he would fit in. He did come from a shelter.

In 2018, I awoke to him laying across my throat and scratching my face. I remember falling asleep and he would scratch my face again. My husband came home from a walk and found me in this condition. When I was able to understand, I was told that I had carbon monoxide poisoning and I was in the emergency room. I had a very high concentration of CO in my blood stream (30 percent) and my husband was told that I might not make it. I did make it and it was due to my little Teddy. Even to this day, if I’m sleeping too hard he will climb up on my pillows and scratch my face. Obviously the CO detector wasn’t working and people wonder how my dog survived. He saved my life. He is my hero.