Hero Dog Awards - Spinelli


Grandville, Michigan

Spinelli was found at an hour old at a local nearby park on Thanksgiving morning.
A jogger was running and saw a box moving. When she approached the box she opened it and found 9 puppies that still had their umbilical chords. We immediately took them in and started bottle feeding. When it came time for adoption, I as a staff member or our Humane Society adopted him. As he grew I realized he had a real skill for working with people, especially kids. I got him canine good citizen certified and he now goes to thousands of schools and other venues to talk about dog bite safety, adoption, sheltering etc. He is an incredible ambassador dog. I always like to say he was saved by us and now he repays that by going out and showing our community how incredible shelter animals are. We work a lot in the inner-city schools and teach kids how to be safe around dogs they know and don’t know. He is a dog hero in my eyes!