Hero Dog Awards - Siva


Manassas, Virginia

I rescued Siva almost 5 years ago and she’s changed my life in so many ways. Over the years, she has comforted me during job changes, roommate changes, and mental health ups and downs. Most recently, she’s been going through health challenges. She got pneumonia in November 2021. She recovered within 3 weeks and was her happy self again. January 9th 2022 we experienced a major curveball. We went to work as normal but 6 hours later, I was paged by a co-worker saying Siva was crying and couldn’t stand. I ran to where she was. She was clearly scared and freaked out by what was happening, but on the ride to the ER, she played with one of her toys. After full blood work and x-rays, we didn’t have any answers. A referral to neurology resulted in even more questions. The MRI scan showed a large lesion affecting her spine and her spinal cord. What the neurologist was surprised about was the severity of the images compared to how Siva was acting. The Doctor thought the dog with images like hers would be in pain and miserable. Siva was the exact opposite. She was happy and friendly, seeking attention from the staff and making them love her. She was comfortable, not in pain, able to control her bladder and bowels and overall, she was in great spirits. She’s using her wheelchair like a champ and tolerating hydrotherapy. She’s finally balancing on her rear legs again! She has been an inspiration to me and everyone who meets her.