Hero Dog Awards - Sir Winston

Sir Winston

Indian Trail, North Carolina

Sir Winston, then dubbed “Denver” caught my eye in an online search….reading further I learned that he had been abandoned, adopted and neglected and was now being treated for eye infections, bad ear infections, skin issues, flea infestations, and food aggression related to trauma. This poor boy had a ratted head of hair but the hair thinned beyond his shoulders and by midback he was all but bare. (To the point we teased him as having naked chicken legs in the back). He has since; healed from his ears and eye infections, skin is less troublesome, is not showing food aggression but still working on trust issues, and has also grown a full beautiful coat requiring “a proper grooming”. He is happy, safe, loved, and brings us joy. I can’t imagine the things this sweet boy has seen and had done, but from hence forth he is Sir Winston and will be treated as a proper gent should be!