Hero Dog Awards - Simon


Mankato, Minnesota

Meet Simon, formerly known as Swiss! His life began at an animal control facility. He was one of 13 puppies born at this shelter. When his litter was just six weeks old, all 13 pups and their mom were nearly euthanized. Thankfully, with just minutes to spare, Secondhand Hounds was able to rescue his entire litter, including his mom.

I wasn’t introduced to this handsome eyebrow pup until he was 14 months old. Swiss had been adopted by a family, but returned due to housing reasons. He was in need of a foster. I welcomed him, as well as all of his quirks, into my home.

This handsome pup came from a home that didn’t speak English. He was basically a puppy trapped in an adult dog’s body. This adventure was going to be a challenge for both of us.

Several weeks after I began fostering Swiss, I adopted him. I knew he would be a challenge, but I was up for that task. I changed his name to Simon, and our journey officially began.

Simon has changed so many minds about bully-type dogs. People see his eyebrows and it softens an image that may have had about a short-haired blocky-headed dog. His personality is huge, he’s a little comedian with his goofy antics. He loves people. People love him!

Simon has two social media pages, each with thousands of people following him. I’ve received so many messages sharing how Simon has brightened people’s day, brought joy, made them laugh, he’s changed minds.
Photo is by me (Stephanie), I do photography!