Hero Dog Awards - Señor


St. Paul, Minnesota

“Sometimes in tragedy we find out life’s purpose.” – Robert Brault

These words cannot be anymore truer to Senor. This big guy has had a rough life. FaerieLand’s founder Kathy took in Senor in September 2020. He is her special case. He was an abused, neglected stray & did not trust the human hand. It took his foster months – at least 6 months for her to be able to put one finger on him without him jumping or cowering away from her. He was scared & showed his fear by not allowing anyone near him. He was only ever able to meet a few people over the next year.
Fast forward to Monday December 6, 2021. As the unthinkable happened, Senor’s life as he knew it was no longer his normal. He was in a house fire, very close to the fire but he was able to get out in time. In boarding after the fire, we wondered what this would do to him. We warned the staff he has not been by people & was very fearful. He needed to be handled very cautiously as we felt he could have reverted back to that scared lost soul.
But for Senor, this has been his miracle. He became a totally different dog, almost like he knew he got a third chance at life & he ran with it. He loves every one he meets & will not allow them to walk by him without giving him some love. Without rescues, dogs like Senor would never have had a chance to become the silly goofy dog that now has a want to be loved & trusts the human hand. This boy now has a chance to go into a home & feel nothing but love & a purpose in life.