Hero Dog Awards - Scout


NEW FREEDOM, Pennsylvania

My Pup or Scout; I have many names lovingly for Him– saves me from my Depression.

I have been a caregiver for both my Parents and other relatives- all of which has been emotionally draining and has derailed life plans so Depression is real.

Now both my Parents are gone- deceased if you will.

But this is about Scout not my Depression- exactly.

He serves me more than I serve His needs. Let me explain as succinctly as possible.

I feed Him before I eat. I Give Him fresh water. Provide Him shelter. Love on Him with praise and direction as His human Companion. He gets dental bones and vet care. We run outside. Get to parks to play in Creeks.

He helps me get up in the morning; I want to get up. He licks my face. He rests on my feet. He loves me on bad days and good days.

He helps me care for my late Mom’s cats.

Scout provides order and love unconditionally in my life.

He is like a Boy Scout. Always prepared– to help me live a fuller life.

Scout is an organic antidote to Depression. He helps me beyond the tangibles I provide Him.

So he is my Hero. I may have found Him at a no kill shelter but he refound my inner self long thought buried.