Hero Dog Awards - Scarlett


Cottontown, Tennessee

Scarlett was taken to be euthanized at 6 weeks old because she had “lameness in her hind end” according to her adoption paperwork. A rescue stepped in at the eleventh hour to save her life, and I was blessed to be chosen to be her mom. Scarlett just turned 7 years old, and every day she lives her life to the fullest. She has been to more places and seen more sights than most. Scarlett has spina bifida- her spine is twisted and missing parts including a tail- but that does not slow her down. We travel all over the country hiking and exploring, and she loves every minute! Now that she’s getting older, she can’t go as far or as fast, so we help with a stroller or a pack to allow her to continue experiencing all this world has to offer. Scarlett will be getting a tiny custom wheelchair soon to fit her little 5 lb body, and we hope that will allow her to go farther and longer.
Scarlett loves life, and always has a kiss or a paw for anyone she meets. In this spirit, we are working to start a non profit and get a transport van to rescue dogs from kill shelters and drive them to safety.
Scarlett represents shelter dogs everywhere by showing that all dogs-no matter what ability- deserve a chance at a loving, happy family. Scarlett is pure joy, is always happy, and we are so blessed to have have her in our lives.

We would appreciate your vote to make Scarlett the next American Humane Hero Dog!