Hero Dog Awards - Savanna


Lowell, Massachusetts

Savanna was found wandering the streets of Aruba alone. She was transferred to me by her first foster as my third foster puppy.
A week later I got the call that she had approved adopters, I was a complete mess.
These adopters came to meet Savanna & left without her. At this point I knew she needed to stay with me.
When Savanna was around 6-7 months old something told me she was ready to foster.
We ended up fostering 14 puppies in her first year & Savanna transformed most of them, especially the scared puppies. She is a perfect therapy dog for other dogs.
*”Most” diue to her being in heat for one & just getting spayed for another.

She is the most nurturing, low maintenance dog I have ever met. And with her being my first dog as an adult, I have no idea what told me she was ready to foster at 6 months old…I guess I just knew.