Hero Dog Awards - Savanah


Harrodsburg, Kentucky

Savanah was surrendered to the local pound due to owner moving to a facility. She was set to be euthanized the next day but the local humane society took her in. Months later I met her at an adoption event and fell in love. A mother after seeing her for the first time I was able to adopt her when adopting I knew she had some health issues with her hips and joints and she couldn’t walk very well. After adopting her and switching her diet up and giving supplements Savanah is like a brand new dog. She is running and playing. About a month after her adoption we found out there she has stage 2 mast cell tumor cancer. We have already removed 5 mast cell tumors and she went through that surgery like no other. Savanah has had many valleys throughout her life from being in an elderly person’s hands to being surrendered to the pound about to be euthanized then moved to the shelter for several months and now she is in my care. She has been through so much and is truly a hero in my eyes. Savanah is a fighter and I know that we are going to beat cancers butt. I belive that Savanah is a great candidate for the American humane hero dog award!