Hero Dog Awards - Sasha


Hallandale Beach, Florida

Sasha is a Belgium tervuren and was found in Florida everglades . 2 months after being adopted he found a 10 year old missing little boy with downs syndrome just by smelling his toy. Then he rescued a 77 year old lady who fell and broke her knee , he kept poking her and licking her in the face to keep her conscious until help came. He went to Dade county court for 3 little girls who father was in trouble and comforted them. He had a birthday party fund raiser for and raised $700.00 in cash and 50 bags of dog and cat food plus toys, treats, beds etc. Which was donated to paws 2care coalition And the kitty campus . Sasha donated 160 lbs. of milk bone like treats and 75 bags of soft treats to Miami Dade Animal Services. He went back and donated 25 boxes of girl scout cookies to all the staff and volunteers for saving his life. Sasha was honored by the city of Hallandale Beach Florida with a proclamation. Sasha and the mayor of Hallandale beach Florida did a fund raiser for a retired police dog that had cancer , they raised $30,000 for his care. Sasha went to Surfside for the Champlain Towers building collapse and spent 5 hours with family members and friends comforting them . Sasha was visiting a very sick friend at rehabilitation hospital and we were asked if we would go in and visit other patients that need some comfort and lifting their sprits and Sasha visited many of them at hospital. Sasha has been on the local new 5 times . Sasha a dog from the Shelter.