Hero Dog Awards - Rocco


Pinehurst, Texas

After a tough move back to Texas & settling into a new home, state & school we took Zoë to CAPS (Citizen for Animal Protection) for a new canine companion. She lost her best canine friend a few years back. We went to CAPS & walked through some isles & took a turn & there in a corner suite stood this medium sized, yeller dog with sad, amber eyes. We both looked at each & knew that we needed to meet this pup. We visited w/ him & knew this would be our furever dog.

We proceeded w/ the paperwork, texted dad we found the one, & left with a lot of exciting anticipation.

Three days later, I picked Rocco up. He absolutely refused to get in the car. We are donning the cone of shame, scared to get in the car & have a new owner/friend awaiting her new found friend to come home. I clip the lead to inside the car, go on the other side & encourage him to get in. I tug a bit. No luck. I finally have to carefully pick this guy up, and place him in the car. By this time, I should have been home & she was anxiously awaiting us. It took a few car trips (okay several) before Rocco realized it was safe to ride in the car. We suspect he was dumped on the side of the road & was fearful of car rides.
Rocco has a heart of gold. We have since rescued a few horses, donkey, kitten w/ an eye injury that led to being one eye being removed. He had taken them all under his wing. He is best friends w/ the donkey, protective of his chickens & has unconditional love for all.