Hero Dog Awards - River Davis

River Davis

Concord, North Carolina

My mom picked me up when I was wandering HWY 74 in NC. I was passed by many cars on a Hot, August day. I was searching for water and licking the rocks on the side of the highway. I immediately came leaping and bounding when a woman, I have never seen before, whistled for me. I was then helped into a car where a 6 yr old little boy was sitting in the back. I was eaten up from fleas and a skin infection but these new people didn’t judge me, they showed me kindness and love instead. We had an hour to drive to my new home and on my tiny back legs at only 6 weeks old and starved, I looked out the right front passenger window the entire time. I did jump over the console into my new brothers lap and went to sleep at some point, awoken with the sound of my brother and mom saying, River..this is your new home. I saw another dog standing at the front door and it came to my realization she was my New sister! To my excitement, My New sister Sarah, and I sat for hours in 1 spot and talked amongst each other (in dog language of course) her rescue story from a shelter 4 yrs earlier along with my history, and what it’s like to live with such nice and caring people whom adore. I’ve been living with my family now for 1½ yrs and I’m looking forward to my doggy birthday coming up in August, where all my rescue friends will join. I hope my story, filled with a second chance, will encourage and give hope to you to never give up. I am a amazing friend to children and I love to play!