Hero Dog Awards - Ranger


Simsbury, Connecticut

Ranger is a very special dog as are most of out pets. He was a rescue (Puppy mill out of Tennessee) and made his way to Connecticut at just three months old. A lot of ailments that I helped him with. He had been helping me through an illness including diabetes, alerting me constantly for lows in highs. He helped me through Covid, encephalitis/meningitis by being by my side during significant pain for 2 years+ now. And just yesterday I was told by his ophthalmologist he will be totally blind in three months. I will return this favor to my dog anyway I can buy restoring his vision. He is just six years old and has a lot of life ahead of him. I could not ever let him lose his vision and not experience the gift of eyesight over the rest of his life. This dog has meant so much to me and my family it can’t be put in words. Every occasion where I am upset which has been a lot lately, a 90 year old mother dying in a nursing home. Not one but two sons with Covid. Three people losing their jobs and yet this dog remain cheerful wagging his tail, welcoming everyone and bringing their heart rate down and smiles to their faces daily. I would not be the person I am today without my best friend. I have had people come and go but this dog has stuck by my side and will continue to as long as God lets him. He is one in 1 million!!! Thank you for this opportunity. A 24 pound Chihuahua mix. Typically people find it so annoying LOL this dog is sweet, kind and just beautiful inside and out.