Hero Dog Awards - Piper


Medfield, Massachusetts

Piper, our adopted Boxer/Black Lab mix, has brought so much joy to our family. She had been removed from her home by animal control and came to us an untrained, frightened six-month-old puppy. With love, patience and training she has blossomed into a well-behaved confident girl. When she greets us, her entire body wiggles with excitement. Piper loves to play with her toys, chase balls, go for long hikes and play with her doggie friends. When hiking in the woods, Piper can jump! I’ve seen her clear logs 4′ high. Our daughter rides horses and Piper is terrific with the large animals too. She loves to run and jump the horse jumps. She is excellent with our chickens and goats and is gentle with small animals, such as, rabbits and guinea pigs. Piper really loves to snuggle. She will sit on our laps as if she is a small breed and she squeezes between my husband and I in bed every night. We also always joke that she leads with her tongue because she’s always kissing us with gusto. She is quiet and settles down quickly when I bring her to work. She’s also beyond wonderful with my four-year-old and six-month-old grandsons, playing fetch or hide and seek with the older for as long as he’ll play. My 15-year-old Golden, Brenna, had passed away a year before I met Piper. I thought I would never have a dog again, but I was volunteering at the shelter the night she arrived and I swore she looked at me with Brenna’s eyes. That was it, love at first sight. Photo 1/7/22 first snow of the year.