Hero Dog Awards - Piper


Fremont, Ohio

When I first met Piper her name was Cassy. She had been surrendered not once but twice to the pound and she was only 4 months old. It was January 7th, 2019, when my friend took me to the pound, “just to look”. I was 27 years old and completely and utterly alone in the world having just lost my mom on the 5th to cancer. I walked by the small dogs at first cause I’ve always had big dogs. I looked around the big kennels but didn’t feel a spark, but when I went back by the small kennels I was curious about her. I went to the desk and asked to see her and what her story was. As we played the woman from the pound told us that she had been abused by her first owner. He surrendered her and she was adopted shortly after, but was brought back due to an incident involving her new owner that made him fear for the safety of his children. They told me I could pay the fee and take a test drive if I came back before 8:30 on the 8th. I went and got bowls, leash and collar and went back at 8, I put my money on the counter and said give me the paperwork, she’s not coming back. Piper saved me when I was literally living my darkest nightmare, she gave me purpose and hope when I thought all was lost. That huge hole that was left when my mom passed away, Piper filled part of it and gave me a reason to keep fighting. She’s my best friend, my protector, my saving grace. To one she was trash, to another she was dangerous, to me she saved me in more ways than one and I believe that makes her a hero.