Hero Dog Awards - Oliver Twist

Oliver Twist

Volcano, Hawaii

Oliver Twist was found on the side of the road by a good samaritan that brought him to the MSPCA. This tiny 2 pond little love bug had a puncture wound to his tiny noggin. I was told if he had been found an hour or so later, he wouldn’t have survived. Today Ollie walks with a twirl, his back legs are a bit wonky, he’s blind in one eye and his nose doesn’t work quite right. They told me that he was not likely to be potty trained or able to do any other training. Well, Oliver Twist proved them wrong! And continues to do so consistently. He’s amazing with communicating his wants and needs. He goes pretty much everywhere with me and loves to meet new friends, both human and other animals.
As someone with PTSD, Ollie has learned to help me with severe panic attacks and to get me out of situations that could trigger me. He is just an amazing little love.