Hero Dog Awards - NOEL


Quinlan, Texas

Noel, an all white American Bull dog was found Christmas morning wandering on the service road to an Interstate Highway. She was so very lost and could not see well enough to know where to go. We think she was a puppy mill mother dumped out when she could no longer produce saleable puppies. We were thankful we could save her. Noel had eyelashes growing inward on both eyes that caused severe irritation ,pain and loss of vision. We immediately took her to the Vet for urgent medical care. She had entropian surgery to correct the eyelashes but she also had infected mammary glands that led to a diagnosis of mammmary cancer from being over bred. Her eyesight could not be totally improved due to the long term irritation but she sees well enough to have a happy life. We did not know her life expectancy due to the cancer but Noel has outlived her diagnosis and has no evidence of cancer today! She is 7 years old now and has been a resident of TBC Animal Rescue for almost 4 years. She lives in a kennel with a cabin with heat and air conditioning, a large play yard and a friend named Ben. If her breakfast does not arrive on time, she bellows for all the world to hear. She is a darling dog that waits patiently for her forever home but is safe here for as long as she needs us. Noel has overcome so many challenges yet she remains a happy girl and she deserves a home where she will be a loved family member. Finding a home is just one more challenge we know Noel will overcome!