Hero Dog Awards - Noel


Versailles, Indiana

Noel was a surrender to a rescue when pregnant. Before she could find a foster home she gave birth to 10 beautiful babies. Her and babies arrived at my house roughly 10 days later. She was an excellent Momma to her babies even through all her anxiety and fears! Being a small petite girl 10 babies was a lot for her yet she never stopped giving them the best care! She worked so hard to overcome so much anxiety, learned to trust her foster family and accepted help with her precious little ones. She never stopped mothering until her last baby was adopted. At that time her foster family had taken in another pregnant rescue Momma. During a very complicated and trying birth for this new Mom, Noel stepped in and helped comfort the new babies. As her foster Mom I fell in love with this incredibly loving girl and couldn’t imagine her going anywhere else. Knowing I would take in more pregnant and nursing foster Moms having Noel here to help struggling Mommas was a must! She continues to be the greatest Nanny to all the foster puppies that come into her home. She has such a calming demeanor about her other doggy Mom’s quickly warm up to Noel, allowing her to help watch over and nurture their babies!