Hero Dog Awards - Neno


Williamstown, New Jersey

Neno was surrendered to Homeward Bound Pet Adoption Center on July 21, 2021 at the age of 13 years old. Neno struggled with shelter life, depression set in, it was very difficult for him to get up due to bilateral thickened stifles in his knees and shelters are no place for a senior dog who needs more assistance. I work at the shelter and one day I saw a staff member walking Neno back to his kennel, I stopped him, gave him some pets and whispered in his ear, “I promise to take you out for a day”. The day came sooner than expected, Neno was not able to get up for 3 days, his quality of life was in question and he was scheduled to be euthanized the following day. I took him home, loved him, fed him yummy food, watched cartoons and just spent time with him. I stayed up all night, as time went on, he slowly was getting up with my help, he slowly started to improve. I expressed his improvement, I was given permission to foster him, in hopes he would get better and that he did! I adopted Neno on 9/15/2021, we have a bond unlike any other! Neno is so caring, he also helps nurture my foster kittens, he loves and is so gentle to the kittens, which helped fosters become dog friendly! Neno also is a comfort for my 14 year dog with Epilepsy, Neno’s spirit is just calming and every living being just feels at ease when around him, including myself. Neno overcame many odds against him to now living his golden years in his forever home. He is my hero and in many ways I am his hero.