Hero Dog Awards - Mr. Ace

Mr. Ace

Louisville, Kentucky

Our dog is a rescue. But that truth is, he has rescued our family in numerous ways. We adopted Ace, affectionately called Mr. Ace most days, in the middle of the pandemic. He immediately fit into our family perfectly. He gave us all a huge mental health lift when we needed it most. He has become a work from home office dog and has settled into his role nicely.

He literally rescued us from a potential house fire. One night my husband and I were in bed and had the dishwasher running. Ace noticed that something wasn’t right and came running in and out of our bedroom, barking us and trying to get us to come into the kitchen. When we did, we discovered our dishwasher was smoking and if left a moment longer could have caught on fire. A plastic top had fallen on the heating element and could have been deadly. Ace was such a good boy and wouldn’t rest until he notified us of the dangers ahead.

It’s true that we rescued him, but we all know he is the true hero and rescues us every single day. Our house is now a home because of this special pup!