Hero Dog Awards - Mojito


Killeen, Texas

Mojito was found as a stray in Rosebud, TX in 2019 in deplorable conditions. My rescue PoundPup and Friends took him on and I was his foster. Mojito was very stoic and shut down but with time his loving and funny personality started to shine through. He had a long road of recovery ahead of him. It was discovered that he had a tumor in his abdomen and the aoarta was attached to it. He underwent a very long and risky surgery at Texas A&M. His amazing veterinarian team were able to successfully remove the tumor. Mojito became very attached to me and I to him and he is here to stay for the rest of his life ❤️
Mojito has a lot of followers who followed this miracle boy since day one and love him as much as I do.
His will to survive the neglect that he has experienced is truly remarkable and he’s a true 4 legged hero in my book.