Hero Dog Awards - Miss Maude

Miss Maude

Vail, Colorado

Every dog is award worthy. Miss Maude is our shelter hero dog. She will roll into your hearts and stay forever. Miss Maude was confiscated during a police raid in 2020. She was rescued as an 8 year old French Bulldog made to produce babies for greed. She was paralyzed in her rear legs from overbreeding. Therefore, her body was severely urine burned due to her inability to move in her cage. Her teeth had periodontal disease, her ears and bladder infected, parasites galore, and her nails overgrown. Her previous owner sits in prison now for committing a triple homicide. Her first world consisted of drugs, violence, murder, and greed. Yet her early years did not define her. She holds no bitterness and her zest for life is contagious. There is no such thing as a stranger to Miss Maude. She will roll into your arms full throttle and make you feel like a V.I.P. every time. And this is much needed in our world today. Her days now consist of showing the other rescue dogs how to have fun. She rolls through the mountain trails, dips her toes in the fresh river, and indulges in a cookie whenever possible. She is the best nurse to any ailing dog or person. She will snuggle up until he or she feels better. Her mantra is sharing and completely caring. Upon meeting Miss Maude your day will only be better. She loves hard, smiles big, and leaves you a better person. We roll with Miss Maude, our shelter hero dog.