Hero Dog Awards - Marshall


Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin

Marshall is a rescue dog. Adopted him before he was born. I fostered his mom while she was pregnant and came from a high kill shelter in Tennessee. At the time I wasn’t ready for another dog, for a month before this I lost my long time companion of 16 years. After Marshall was born I knew something was missing in my life and I needed a “therapy/ ESA”. After seeing how he helped me, I knew he had a gift. So at 6 months of age I took him in for training. At a year old he became a therapy dog. We spent hours every week from 2017-2019 volunteering at our area Veterans Home. Then covid hit, because of that outsiders were not allowed in to protect the residents. To this day when we drive down the road that goes to the Veterans Home he thinks we are going to visit. He misses everyone there so much, as do I. Hopefully soon we can get credentials and go back and do more visits.