Hero Dog Awards - Mako Sharke

Mako Sharke

Sneads Ferry, North Carolina

In order to know about Mako, you must first hear the story of Mako’s mom. She was a pregnant stray brought to Onslow County Animal Services in North Carolina. She was about to be put down but the veterinary technician there was not going to let that happen and at the last minute, got mama out to a rescue. Mama had 11 babies! All but 1 survived. That is how Mako came into my life. I’m a time of turmoil, life changes, a divorce, job changes, this precious little puppy brought a new spirit to me. I gave him a place to stay, he gave me hope and a purpose. We go everywhere together. He has his own spot in my truck. He knows how I’m feeling before I do. He curls up on the back of the couch like a cat and lays his head on my shoulder. If I’m feeling down, he whines and gives me kisses. If I’m happy he is bouncing around. He is the most faithful boy. I don’t know where I would be without him. My sidekick through life. We don’t deserve dogs. He saved me and continues to do so. To many, he is a dog, to me, he is my hero.