Hero Dog Awards - Lula


Norwalk, Ohio

This is Lula the Boxer on September 2, 2021 after her left eye was removed and pieces of the bullet that she was shot with were removed from her cheek. Lula was shot in her face by her owner on August 31st, 2021. She was picked up and taken to the ER Vet after a 10 hour search to find her. She was rushed to the nearest ER Vet. She had lost blood and was very lethargic. The ER Vet worked quickly to get xrays and get her to surgery to remove her eye and the bullet that had lodged in her cheek. She had a drain in her cheek for 10 days. For about a month after her emergency surgery she was in a cone to keep her from trying to scratch at her eye socket while it healed. She will have a bullet fragment in her head for the rest of her life. She came to be fostered by my family on September 2, 2021. After all that she has been through, she is still the happiest dog and loves all the attention she gets from people she meets. She has grown to love my son in the five months they have known each other and they are inseperable. She will look for him while he is at school and wiggles her whole body when he gets home. We made her apart of our family on February 25, 2022 after her former owner signed her over to Huron County Humane Society. She goes to work with me at the animal shelter and is an ambassador of love. She has shown us her strength and will to live and will be a cherished member of our family and the shelter family for years to come.