Hero Dog Awards - Lucky


Tybee Island, Georgia

Lucky is his name….because he is truly Lucky to be alive!!
We took our 1st trip out West this Summer. We have a little 24 ft motorhome, that we call the, “Traveling Dog House,” because we travel with 3 rescue dogs. Add one more….Lucky!
We were at an Indian Reservation, in Arizona, had stopped to buy fuel.
I took our 3 dogs out to Potty.
One of our dogs, Mr. Finn, slipped out of his harness and ran around to the back of the gas station.
There was a puppy laying in the grass in the shade. As I went to get our dog, Finn, I noticed that this poor baby was very thin. I went and got him some dog food and water and brought it back. As we headed back to the motorhome, he followed us limping and whining.
My husband told me that we had to leave him……We’ve been married 35 yrs:) We picked him up (he had a broken leg) and put him in the bathroom of our motorhome.
We drove around 100 miles to New Mexico, to an Animal Hospital…..Lucky was in bad shape, along with the broken leg, he was full of beebies:( They also thought he might have distemper. He also had a cracked pelvis, and a fracture of the head of the back left femur.
We headed straight back to the East Coast. With lots of loving care….his leg healed although he still has a limp.
With all the bad treatment he had as puppy from humans, he has never shown any aggression towards people or dogs:)
Everyone at Tybee Island Dog Park….Loves Lucky:) What’s not to love ❤️