Hero Dog Awards - Leo


Sod, West Virginia

Leo was adopted from the Kanawha Charleston Humane Association in September 2017 at the age of 4 months. He had been abandoned on the side of the road and was not in the best of condition. After deciding that we were ready for a puppy, my husband and I took a trip to our local shelter and that’s where we met this tiny brindle pitbull with the energy of a thousand horses. He immediately stole our hearts and we took him home that day. He quickly made himself comfortable in our family and came to be my best friend. He went everywhere with me and never left my side. After a year in our family, I started working at the very shelter that I adopted him from. That’s when Leo’s true potential was reached. After joining the medical team of the shelter, I began bringing Leo to work to help train the other employees. He assisted in CPR training, blood draws, IV catheter placement, and even training our local 911 dispatchers on small animal first aid. Leo also regularly donates stool for fecal transplants in the shelters parvo puppies. He has saved countless lives and continues to have an impact almost daily on other shelter animals. Not only he is a truly amazing dog but he is a life-saver for so many in need. There will never be another dog like Leo.