Hero Dog Awards - Lacey


Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Lacey Marie is the most loyal, sensitive, sweet and loving dog I have ever been owned by. She is a foster fail from Outcast Rescue. I fostered her and her sister in 2018 when they came to us at 9 weeks old. My adult daughter and Lacey were beyond connected . Paige was my only child and she passed away unexpectedly April 27th, 2020. I will never forget the police in masks pounding on my door after work. I thought Lacey was going to jump through my front window .,I knew immediately and so did my dogs. Tears like I’ve never seen falling from her face howling yet she stood pressed against me partially passing out and has been my rock since. Her mother and siblings and Lacey came covered in horse maneur, riddled with parasites. She was shy and sassy as a pup. She is my best friend and I owe her my own life. Without Lacey I would not be here for sure. I found strength to continue school and am an admin for the rescue and certified trainer. I owe it all to this beautiful face. She is my heart-nosed angel.