Hero Dog Awards - Kane


New Waterford, Ohio

When I found Kane he was tied to a tree on a 5 foot chain he was 40 pounds underweight you could see his ribs and his entire back bone he could barely eat I would have to feed him by hand with a spoon in order for him to eat he has been through so much and I’ve had him for five years now when I got him he was just a little over a year old and it’s so sad that he had to be put through this but he is a beautiful dog now He stays by my side and I think my son who passed away only six months prior to me getting Kane that he had given me the sign that Kane needed rescued because my son had always wanted a husky And Kane came into my life When I needed him and I feel that Kane is my guardian angel through my son Because there was so many times that I wished my life would end so I could be with my son and Kane has given me the strength That I need So I can be here for my three beautiful grandsons My daughter and my son who are still with me and if it wasn’t for Kane I honestly don’t think I would be here right now I know that Kane knows when I’m sad He always lays his head on my shoulder or on my hip and he kind of cries And he won’t leave my side until he knows I’m OK He is truly an amazing husky and I’m so grateful that he is in my life