Hero Dog Awards - Jerry Lee

Jerry Lee

Emory, Texas

Jerry Lee was once known only as Animal ID A607093. Picked up as a stray and unable to walk, Jerry sat on death row. When his kennel was needed, he was taken to the kill room and his rescue journey began. The call from our vet wasn’t what we expected. She said, “Jerry Lee’s eye is torn, his mouth is torn, he has scars and wounds all over his body….there is very strong evidence that he has been a bait dog”. This was heartbreaking to hear but more heartbreaking news was to follow. The right eye that was torn at intake, also had a huge tumor behind it. As a prerequisite for Jerry’s imaging, full body x-rays were done and it was discovered that Jerry had been shot – three times. I cannot imagine what glimmer of hope kept this gentle soul alive. Maybe the hope for a better tomorrow, one filled with kindness and love. Maybe the belief that not all humans are harmful. Maybe the longing to belong and have a home of his own. I have held Jerry Lee in my arms and petted, hugged and kissed him. I’ve seen his bait dog scars and mangled mouth close up and I’ve seen the X-rays of the bullets. To say Jerry is a trooper is an understatement. Jerry is an inspiration to all who know him. He is a constant reminder that all senior shelter dogs deserve a chance and I am glad that Pound Pals gave him one. We hope his story inspires others not to over look a death row dog simply because he is old, black and was failed by others. He might be a diamond in the ruff like our boy, Jerry Lee !