Hero Dog Awards - Jacob


Ethel, Louisiana

Where do I begin. He came to me from a rural shelter; he was unwanted, broken, and aggressive. All I saw was HOPE when I saw him. AND ALL THAT HAIR….gezzz
“Sometimes each of us; find ourselves in a pet, or in our work. Jacob is BOTH”
Jacob has overcome many obstacles to be here today. He’s had surgery to fix his visual issues and over come heartworm disease. He learned to trust people and he enjoys sinking (he can’t figure out swimming; but he loves trying) He learned to TRUST.
Today he is a reminder that with compassion, hope and a BROOM TO SWEEP AWAY THE HAIR, life is conquerABLE.
Life is a helping hand;Life is a moment; WE MAKE THOSE MOMENTS COUNT
I’m honored to be Jacobs “person”. He greets me with warm drool, steals my shoes, eats my kitchen chairs (I never really liked em), destroys vacuums (hair), Causes all my drains to clog… HAIR, OMG THE HAIR!….BUT, he also chases the ghost away….that used to haunt me….He is my knight in a bundle of HAIR….
Pets give us back so much that life takes away.
I hope everyone finds their Jacob…..no pet should languish in a shelter….Please be the difference today. No pet is perfect (dear Lawd, please don’t let Jacob know I wrote this), no human without flaw, but OUR relationship is PERFECT…
Jacob represents THAT 10%, the ones that are NOT ADOPTABLE. JACOB proves DAILY that with the right tools, pets succeed; just as people. Life is a chance; that’s all a shelter pet has, a CHANCE. Adopt a pet, ty