Hero Dog Awards - Eleanor


Ames, Iowa

Eleanor escaped one of the worst puppy mills in history after suffering from an inhumane surgery that she almost didn’t survive from. Her story garnered millions of views on Tiktok and sparked thousands of people to demand charges in her case. The puppy mill itself was shut down and more than 514 animals were rescued, in large part due to the public pressure surrounding Eleanor.

Over the past few weeks, the world has watched Eleanor blossom from a terrified puppy mill dog to a spoiled, member of our family. Her story also inspired a state bill in Iowa that would place additional oversight on breeders in order to prevent this from ever happening to another dog again. Eleanor’s story has been in numerous news articles and was also featured on The Dodo and other social media sites.

On top of the institutional change that is happening because of our sweet Eleanor, she has educated millions of people about puppy mills and pet adoption. She is the epitome of the American Hero Dog and we would be so honored if she was chosen as a finalist.