Hero Dog Awards - Detective Deweesie

Detective Deweesie

Lakeland, Florida

My female puppy was a rescued from Downtown Lakeland near Memorial Blvd. She is named after the one and only Polk County Sheriff Office Special Victims Unit Detective Kenneth Deweese. All the children at bus stop love her. They chant Detective Deweesie live from Polk County when they see her walking down the street. I was seriously injured in a ski accident. She helps me around the house. DD, her nickname, makes all the officers smile especially when she goes to court or stops by the PCSO North Station. In the past 12 months, DD and I have donated over $1000 of Edible Fruit Baskets to PCSO North and South Station, Lakeland Police Department, Winterhaven Police Department, PCSO Sheriff Grady Judd, PCSO Booking/Jail, Bartow Court house security, Chattanooga Police Department in Tennessee, and Independence Police Department in Great Meadows NJ. This year are goal is to raise more money for law enforcement as well as the correctional officers and health care staff in the Polk Polk County area. With her cute smiling face and wagging tail, she prevails to making everyone laugh and bring joy to their day during these difficult times. I have also adopted from the PCSO Animal Shelter, a male german shepherd, named Sheriff Judd Crowley. Between the two of them, my neighborhood should feel safe and realize how it is important to support Law Enforcement, Firefighters, health care providers, & the entire service industry. With this award, I hope to generate morale and support