Hero Dog Awards - Crash


Orange Grove, Texas

On January 22, 2022, Crash was posted on Facebook as a stray wounded dog needing help. It showed some of his bite wounds but the original finder said he was OK and could wait to be seen by a vet.
When I was able to pick Crash up from the original finder on Monday, January 24, I immediately smelled rotting flesh.
We immediately drove him to Vergi emergency animal clinic, where they proceeded to keep him for the next 16 hours. During that time the vet did a full oanel on him. He was sedated, shaved, and had a biopsy. Vet believes he is between 2-4 years old. He is unaltered and not microchipped. He was covered from ears to tail with wounds all over his back and sides (he did manage to keep his underbelly safe). I was able to pick him up when they discharged him on Tuesday, January 25.
He is 39 lb and was given four medications. He is emaciated, needing rest and love.
Since coming to his foster home on Tuesday he has shown signs of knowing commands such as “paw” for shake, sit, lay down, and no accidents. He also sleeps well in his crate. Crash doesn’t know what to do with toys. My lab has shown him how to chase a ball (but we don’t know how to bring it back” ( Melissa; foster for Justice for Samson).
On January 25, I closed my intake. That same day i got an urgent plea . The dog needed a rescue to back him. One look at this sweet face. And i knew he deserved a better life. Once healed he will be placed for adoption.