Hero Dog Awards - Cookie


Georgetown, Kentucky

When I decided to rescue a dog I thought I’d be saving her life, little did I know, Cookie would save mine. Cookie had a rough start to life living in a gravel floor, chain-link run in a puppy mill. She was 5 years old when her “breeder” decided to get rid of her because she wasn’t producing puppies and was, in her words, “taking up space”. I happily took the terrified, filthy- almost feral little dog home with me. When I got her home it was pretty obvious she had very little human contact in her life, and she was just wide-eyed and trembling. Her first night with me I started to physically examine her and found she had ticks. Cookie sat still in my lap for hours while I hand plucked 50+ ticks off of her. Thankfully the next week I was able to get her into the vet to be fixed and health checked and she was given the all clear! As she grew healthier physically she also grew mentally. We had many small victories- the first time she walked on a leash, used the stairs, even the first time she found her voice and barked! But then I noticed something else new- she started following me everywhere in the house. Anywhere I was, Cookie was there. This was the beginning of her healing me. I suffer from Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), and this causes me to be anxious almost all of the time, and even causes panic attacks. Cookie started picking up on my anxiety. One day she crawled into my arms when I went into an attack and she just nuzzled into me. Ever since she’s always been there