Hero Dog Awards - Columbo


Gorham, Maine

Columbo, a mixed, found me while I was traveling for work in Columbus, GA July 2018. We presume Columbo (“Bo”) was hit by a car and dumped, based on his injuries. His rescues is an amazing story in itself, but that’s a story for another day! Bo uses his Facebook page, Adventures of Columbo, to inspire thousands of other dog lovers. He uses social media to raise awareness for shelter dogs as well as helping with fundraising for vet care. Bo established the Columbo Fund with a Maine rescue that pulls shelter dogs from GA in addition to supporting ME dogs. The Fund raises money to cover vet care for dogs that would otherwise be at risk for being euthanized. He’s raised over $40,000 & continues to help ensure there is funding to cover unexpected vet costs. 2-3 times a year Bo helps raise about $5000/ effort for other injured rescue dogs raise money for vet care. Bo also has s tremendous impact on people. Many fans have reached out expressing their gratitude for him. Here is what just a few said:
“I have been trying to get through the past 61 weeks since my husband’s unexpected passing in his sleep. Columbo inspires me that all will be well, that I need to allow others to care and love me…and to trust.”
“Bo’s story is very special and touches people deeply – the inherent goodness of all of his humans combined with his big puppy, goofy shenanigans!”
“I hope you know how many people you and Columbo’s story have touched. It’s the first thing I look at each morning.”